Nathan is a Dutch creative technologist, programmer, sound artist and 3D-generalist. Ever since graduating from BA Music & Technology at HKU University of the Arts in 2018, he has been working with a large group of diverse artists throughout Europe and the Netherlands. He works on sound-design and music for theater and video pieces, live ambient performances, electronics and software for custom instruments and installations, 3D renderings, game programming, web development and a whole bunch more. When working as a technical lead his knowledge as a musician and sound designer allows him to understand the artistic concept of his collaborators and translate it into functional and elegant technical designs. Nathan’s installations, sound design and technical works have been showcased at various festivals and museums including: Het HEM (residency with upsammy and Andreas Tegnander), Betweter Festival, Minimal Music Festival, Grasnapolski Festival, BYOB, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Het Nieuwe Instituut, IMPAKT Utrecht and is still visible publicly at the Kanaalweg in Utrecht.

Besides this Nathan teaches Creative System Design at the HKU and is founder of the audio visual collective interbellum




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info (apenstaartje)

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