Embedded software

Initiative: Studio SPÉS, PCB design: Loden Rietveld, poetry: Tom Strik, Anna van der Kruis

In collaboration with Studio SPÉS and Loden Rietveld we developed a 1.5km long poem attached to lightpoles next to the Merwede Kanaal bycicle path in Utrecht. Every passing of a cyclist or pedestrian would light up the sign that was passed creating an interactive light poem.

The artwork consists of glowing panels with words. There is a word on every lamppost between Villa Jongerius and the Socrates Bridge. These words together form a poem. The two poems between the 3 bridges are palindromic (can be read from both sides) and were written by the Utrecht poets Tom Strik and Anna van der Kruis. The poets were selected after a call to write a suitable poem for the Merwede and Transwijk district, an area that is undergoing major transition. Both poets have beautifully captured the movement, the use of the city together and the growth and change with their poetry.

The Entrepreneurs Collective MerwedeTranswijk & Co has asked studio SPÉS to design something that brings light and airiness in these corona times and in dark days. The artwork is climate neutral: the lighting works on solar panels, the installation is completely energy neutral and made from recycled materials as much as possible. The owners’ collective of the real estate developers also contributed to creating the most optimal version of the artwork.

During this project I was responsible for developing the firmware that would be used on each of the 150 modules. The modules run on a Wemos D2 with solar power, battery pack, Real Time Clock to only function between certain hours and a PIR sensor to sense movement.

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