Embedded software, hardware design

Initiative: Janne Piksen Laser-cutting, soldering and assembly: Silva Westera and Kenny Kneefel

For the Minimal Music Festival 2021 in the I worked on a mechanical sound installation for the “Ontscheppen” performance by Janne Piksen. I was in charge of developing a system / instrument that could remotely control ~60 solenoids that were spread throughout the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam building. These solenoids were attached to the different surfaces and materials in the building; concrete, wood, glass, iron and metal. By triggering the solenoids they excited the natural sounds of the building’s materials creating a soundscape made up of the true sound of the Muziekgebouw. Effectively turning the Muziekgebouw into a giant instrument.

Some of the solenoids were attached to an offline system that generated algorithmic compositions and others were hooked up to a system to control them in real-time using OSC communication. To achieve real-time control I used two Teensy 3.2’s and hooked them up to an ethernet shield to allow for live communication with Max/MSP, Ableton and SuperCollider over long distances


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