assistent sound design for the play

tekst Rik van den Bos concept & regie Naomi Velissariou spel Tim Schmidt, Naomi Velissariou, Ward Kerremans & Ingrid Wender scenografie Sascha van Riel geluid Jimi Zoet kostuum Bibi Trompetter regieassistent Floor Houwink ten Cate scenografie assistent Fleur van Daal ​assistant geluidsontwerp Nathan Marcus coaching Suzan Boogaerdt foto Athos Burez

During the production of SONTAG, directed by Naomi Velissariou I assisted musician, composer Jimi Zoet with the music of the play. I worked a lot on collecting relevant samples for the production proces and worked on software to control the lights in sync with the beat of the music.


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